Final Newsletter Mollvis

Projects and milestones

Our consortium has been active for many years, and it has produced 5 projects, 5 milestones towards the accessibility of language learning for visually impaired persons.

During the period from November 1, 2015 until March 19, 2016 we concluded our work and we presented the achieved results in one of the most prestigious public halls in Florence: Sala Luca Giordano in Medici Riccardi Palace.


Learning a new concept can be a difficult task for a person with visual impairment. Reading books and learning new things will probably need you to learn Braille language, and without which it can be difficult to read anything new. But luckily, there are so many new mobile applications that you can use to learn new things, even if you are partially or completely visually impaired. The mobile apps can read the live navigation status for you, like the road names you are passing through, time to your destination, businesses that you pass while walking to your destination, so you know where you are at this moment. These applications can also help you identify different currency notes, so do not end up paying someone extra. The mobile applications use color identification to differentiate between currency notes of different denominations.

The mobile applications can also help you learn new skills and languages by reading out the contents for you, like someone else reading a book for you. These mobile applications can also help you read labels of important day to day items like the food items, medicines or even the health supplement like slimnazer.

The Idea: Mollvis, Mobile Language Learning for Visually Impaired Students, is a project that is planning to create a German language learning application for Android, Windows, and Apple. The aim is to provide a facility for visually impaired students to learn a new language easily with help of mobile applications.


  • Create an interface, to learn a new language, which can be easily accessed by students who are visually impaired.
  • The application should have various facilities like tandem learning, voice streaming, so the visually impaired students can make use of this facility easily.
  • Make this application available on leading mobile platforms like Apple, Android, and Windows so it can be used by a maximum number of students.
  • This application should not only help students to learn a new language but also help them to get jobs and help them during their job.
  • Make a variety of language learning options available.